Thursday, June 4

You Go Nowhere By Accident

Everything happens for a reason… seriously. I honestly cannot say that I believe in coincidences. I’ve always been this way.

Growing up Presbyterian (and with the mom that God blessed me with) the reasoning of coincidence was non-existent. Every Sunday that we were in church we were sent out into the world with the same benediction; the benediction that embodies the core of Presbyterian beliefs; the benediction that the Wallace/Edmondson family was and is all about; the benediction that has stuck with me for years:

“You go nowhere by accident. Everywhere you go God has put you there. He has a purpose in your being there and he has given his grace to be with you.”

The most significant, non-coincidence in my life has to be Brandon Hunt. Brandon and I have been together for nearly two years now. Both of us grew up in little Lawrenceville, Georgia, attending Cedar Hill Elementary School, Richards Middle School, and Central Gwinnett High School… at the same time. After meeting we realized that we had similar friends, were at the same places at the same times, and could’ve met at anytime in our lives, but didn’t. (For goodness sakes! His dad was my little brother’s football and baseball coach!) Don’t tell me that the person who I love with every inch of my being and who I want to spend the rest of my life with growing up less than a mile from me is coincidence. It is a gift. Me walking into Frontera and running into his parents was all part of the plan. Remember “you go nowhere by accident…”

Not everything has to be as HUGE as the story of Brandon and I. Simple things like the fact that our new apartment is giving us the month of June for free so we can get in there and begin our new lives, or the fact that my hairdresser cancelled today’s appointment because she didn’t feel well at the same time that I wanted to save some cash because of my drive to get debt free, are the core of fate. The little things that make you stop and wonder. Just know, there is always a bigger picture.

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