Wednesday, June 24

“I Do... For Now”

These days, the sacred union of marriage just isn’t so sacred anymore. The temptations of the flesh seem to win out over the ups and downs of a typical relationship. When the going gets tough, it seems today people bail… or run to the arms of another. The “I do until something better comes along” attitude is leaving a scar on the union of marriage.

In recent days we have learned about America’s favorite family calling it quits after alleged infidelity. Jon and Kate just can’t do it anymore. They met, fell in love, had eight kids, and now can’t even sit on the same couch to be interviewed by television crews. Rumors of Jon with the third grade teacher and Kate with the bodyguard are enough to make a family go crazy but instead of standing up for their family, their children, their marriage Jon and Kate are throwing in the towel. If they were innocent, would they let the media rip the family apart like that? I think not.

Just two days after the Gosselins’s announcement, Gov. Mark Sanford (SC) is caught today arriving in Atlanta after spending several days with his Argentinean lover. How nice. I can see it now, “hey dad, what do you want to do for Father’s Day?” “Well son, I think I’ll do Argentina.”

My rant: why get married if you have an inkling in your heart, or groin for that matter, that you may one day be led astray? If you are not 100% sure that you can be faithful for the remainder of your life, then why go through the pomp and circumstance just to find out that you couldn’t do it – you failed. Why set yourself up for that? Gov. Mark Sanford said it best, “What I did was wrong. Period.” If you knew that Mr. Governor, then why do it? I think it would be much easier on all parties involved to call a marriage over before beginning to prowl for the next Mrs. Ex.

Being a young adult in the society we have today that sends us these broken messages is disheartening. Is infidelity more prominent these days? Or is the media basking in the wealth of this so-called news? The fact is, instead of staying home with the struggles of life, more and more people are venturing out into the world of temptations. Relationships are work… put in the effort or get out before you stray!

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  1. Don't be disheartened Twin. I can guarantee you that for every fly by night "I found somebody better/hotter/richer, I married you for kicks/publicity, I turned gay, I'm bored with this" marriage, there are hundreds of others that are in it for the right reasons. They understand the commitment and honor their vows. The "little" people just don't get showcased. We don't bring in the big ratings. :-)