Thursday, July 16

Must be Something in The Liberals' Water

Let me preface this blog entry with this: I am not into politics. I do not usually listen, read, or even care to think about the “leaders” in Washington. However, our lovely President’s brilliant (cough… cough) idea called Healthcare Reform is enough to get my attention. Consider my cage rattled.

The US Census estimates that there are 306,928,675 currently in the United States. This figure has a net gain of one person every 11 seconds. With President Obama’s Healthcare Reform, he is planning to spend $1.5 trillion in order to cover 50,000,000; thus meaning that 256,928,675 must already have health insurance because we can’t leave people out now can we? If 256,928,675 Americans are driven enough and smart enough to have health insurance or at least the capabilities to get health insurance somehow, why are we adding $1.5 trillion to our already HUGE national debt which is now at $11,584,939,042,938. Heck, we are already $11.5+ trillion in the hole, another $1.5 can’t hurt too bad…

According to the AP article written by Erica Werner, ”Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf warned lawmakers the legislation that he has seen so far would raise costs, not lower them. Elmendorf was asked by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.S., if the bills Congress is considering would ‘bend the cost curve.’ The budget director responded: ‘The curve is being raised.’ Subsidies to help uninsured people would raise federal health care spending, which is already growing at an unsustainable rate, Elmendorf explained at a hearing. The Medicare and Medicaid cuts that lawmakers have offered to pay for the coverage expansion aren't big enough to offset the cost trend, particularly in the long term, he said.”

I feel that people should work for what they receive and stop waiting around for the government to hand them a decent life on a silver platter. Having said this, I blame the ignorant leaders in this country for giving the American people notions of “free assistance”. Nothing is free – if you are not paying for it that means that someone else is. Being a hard-working young American, I do not understand why I, someone who pays for my own health insurance by working, have to be responsible for paying the insurance of someone else – legal or illegal, working or nonworking. Currently, my boyfriend is without health insurance. If I wanted to help someone pay for their health insurance or was even able to I would help him! Due to the economic strife in the states, people are hurting to pay for their own insurance and have no extra money to help what the government seems to think of as “the helpless”. By the end of the next four years, the best paying job is going to be a single mom on welfare!

Government leadership requires little to no common sense these days. The fact is the economy is suffering because of the expansive national debt. By adding an additional cost to the bottom line, the leaders of this country are only worsening an already dire issue. If a young lady, with little knowledge and no experience in politics can figure this out, then why can’t our elected officials?

“You keep your change… I’ll keep my money and my gun!”

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