Friday, October 2

Haunting Halloween Craft

Just the other day I was lucky enough to stumble upon a wonderfully crafty blog, Not So Idle Hands. In early September she had a post featuring these cute Halloween decorations that I HAD to make.

The process is simple and quick. This would make a great craft for kids too!

All you need is:
A couple of jars. Not So Idle Hands recommends using varying sizes for a more interesting effect. Since I didn’t have those, I just made mine the same and displayed them in a grouping of 3.

Tissue Paper. Not a whole bunch – just a sheet or 2. I used orange for the pumpkin and white for the ghost.

Mod Podge. It’s cheap and you can find it at the craft store. I think I paid $5 or so at Joann’s.

Black Paper. I used some construction paper I had.

Paint. Use green for the tops of the pumpkins and black for the top of the ghost.

For a great step by step guide (with pictures) visit the Not So Idle Hands blog by clicking here.

Happy crafting!

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