Wednesday, October 7

The "Write" Time

I am super excited folks! On Monday I learned that I would be the new contributing writer for! The funny thing is, I didn’t start out in life as a writer, but maybe… just maybe, it is in my blood.

The opportunity made me start thinking about my past and about how writing has influenced and affected my life thus far.

Growing up, I was always an A/B student – nothing exceedingly great, but nothing horrible either. My grades were all right, but I always seemed to struggle with grammar – the dreaded time in class when I ALWAYS made a fool of myself. I crutched my way through and by the time high school rolled around I was slung into the Honors English class (what?! Who me!?).

Upon beginning my senior year I was graced (using this term sarcastically here) with having Dr. Wilson as my Honors English teacher. After turning in paper after paper and having paper after paper returned to me with failing grades and blots of purple ink with corrections my mom intervened. She felt that Dr. Wilson was unusually unreasonable on her grading and set up a meeting to discuss. It was in that parent/teacher conference that Dr. Wilson lovingly (again, sarcasm) told my mom “she’ll never make it through college English… she is a horrible writer… I don’t know how she has made it this far…”

Hey, Dr. Wilson… why don’t you take a moment to check me out now? No purple pen around here!!

My newfound writing opportunity lead me to remember something that I had long forgotten about – “Ms. Cynthia Porter”. Oh how proud she would be…

Cynthia Porter was the nom de plume my granmommy would use when speaking about her dreamed writing career. She would talk about the books she wanted to write, but how life was busy and time got away from her.

Last night my grandma’s talks of “Cynthia” popped into my head after being a lost memory for years. I began smiling, which made Brandon curious. I told him the stories about my grandma and her writing chats. In turn he replied, “maybe that is her way of saying how proud she is of you.” Just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes… look grandmommy, I’m doing it!

My first post on mentioned my goals for my writings. I hope that I am able to accomplish these while creating new ones as I go. Thanks to all of you who read my ramblings here. I’ll keep posting here as often as possible. After all, this is my starting point… now off to the big leagues folks!

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