Wednesday, January 12

Blog Pages - it's time to get detailed

HAPPY SNOW DAY #3 Y'ALL!  Man, isn't it too cool to have so much snow on the ground.  The ice on the other hand = not so cool. I've had enough of the "almost busting my butt".  Yesterday we walked across the street to Publix to check out the road condition and just get out and about.  THAT was an adventure in itself.  The crazy amounts of ice made of a slippery walk.  Yipes ;)

Since I've got some extra time on my hands, I've been able to update my blogs.  I wanted to develop them a bit and add a few pages... Here is a quick run down of my new blog style.

Main Page - Here is where the majority of my blogging will be.  My ramblings about life, my random photos, etc.  I will work on updating more often - just need some more snow days for extra time!!

Hunt Family - A page that has a quick link to our family blog "Keeping Up With the Hunts".  Pretty self-explanitory.

Mary Kay: Product Focus - Here I will update and review the very best of Mary Kay's products.  I will give suggestions for seasonal products that are must-haves, as well as trends that are going on.  Check this out regularly for updates!

Mary Kay: The Opportunity of a Lifetime - The Mary Kay opportunity has blessed my life.  Here you will find a little more information on how it can bless your's or someone you may know.  I'm always available to chat about the opportunity and answer questions you may have.

So there you have it.  My new blog style in a nut-shell.  Any other page suggestions you would like to see?

Good Times and God Bless Y'all!  Stay Warm!!

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