Thursday, June 2

Haiku it all around...

One of my favorite parts of my creative writing degree is that I was asked to put life into words. My surroundings, my happenings, my thoughts became assignments and inspiration. These days, it seems I don't have... Errr... don't make the time to actually do some creative writing! Sheesh on my part!

I thought I'd revisit a simple writing process that I love - the haiku. Can you guess what is on my mind today...

Tuesday through Friday
A day in the life
Stuck without a window here
Eight more hours left.

Tybee Island I
Nature's beauty glorified
God's touch surrounds you.

Savannah I
Spanish moss reaching
Toward the Historical grounds
Savannah, Georgia.

Georgia I
"Eyes smile tenderly"
"Still in peaceful dreams I see"
"Georgia on my mind".

... You guessed it! Only 18 days until our family vacation to Tybee/Savannah.

Do you enjoy creative writing exercises? Share a haiku!

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