Friday, July 1

Happy MK New Year!

Happy Mary Kay New Year!  How exciting it is to start fresh – new goals, new customers, new team members and new achievements.  I think this is going to be one of my favorite times in the Mary Kay year.  I feel rejuvenated, ready to tackle the New Year and my goals I’ve set up for myself. 

I really hate disclosing goals here, mostly because if I fail, I do not like to be reminded about said goals or have to rework said goals to be more “Stephanie-friendly”.  Having said that, this post is going to go through my 2011-2012 Mary Kay goals – the small, the medium, the large and the HUGE.  It’s time I start putting myself out there in order to hold myself accountable… gulp.

Goal #1 (small):  I WILL be ok with the pace that God brings these goals into completion.  We always have to remember we are living on His time, not our time.

Goal #2 (medium):  I WILL hold 3 – 8 skin care / glamour classes a month.  I know the span of these is wide, but some months lend to more Mary Kay time than others.  In order to hit the goals that follow this one, I’m going to have to get moving and meet some beautiful new women to share these amazing products and this life-changing opportunity with!

Goal #3 (large):  I WILL go on target for my first Mary Kay career car.  Driving free is for me!

Goal #4 (larger):  I WILL submit and complete the qualifications for becoming a sales director. 

Goal #5 (huge):  I WILL strive to complete requirements to be on the Mary Kay Court of Sales by selling at least $36,000 worth of Mary Kay products within the next year.  Breaking this down, I must sell $3,000 each month.  (See?  Goal #2 is a must)

Ok, I said it… it is out there… and now, it’s time to get to work.

Much love & Happy 4th of July,

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