Thursday, July 21

DIY: Master Bedroom Re-Do

"This. Is. Perfect."

This morning when I opened my eyes after hitting snooze once three times I was in awe of the work we have completed over the last three evenings.  Our master bedroom ("where the magic happens" according to my husband's Facebook comment) was in desperate need of some TLC.  In its previous life, it was a hodge-podge mess of randomly collected furniture that we tried to spruce up with our wonderful bedding we received as a wedding gift.  Needless to say it wasn't working for me.  At.  All.

I began dreaming up a room idea - one that could bend with the seasons.  After careful thought and consideration I came to the conclusion - EVERYTHING must be painted white.  Finding bits and pieces of inspiration on the Pintrest boards I knew the seasons I wanted to feature were summer (think beach cottage with sandollars and starfish accents) and winter (think snowflakes and ice accents).

Without snapping pre-paint shots, I can't stress how much nicer this room looks.  But, without more of my ramblings, here is the finished product... sheer perfection in my book:

The grand total for our total room overhaul was a huge $75...
     $30 Wall Mount for the TV (husband's addition to the room)
     $20 New Curtains
     $15 Paint & Supplies
     $10 New Lamps (got 2 lamps at Wal Mart for $5/each)

Now that I've got the painting bug, I wonder which room will get hit next...

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