Wednesday, July 13


I strive for creativity in every aspect of my life.  Looking for new ways to express myself through every outlet I can think of (strike that) stand.  I enjoy writing (see here, I actually do like this blogging thing), reading;  I enjoy decorating my home to express my family’s style;  I enjoy design work to showcase my clients’ killer businesses.  I just LOVE implementing a seed of an idea into a larger product, and of course the process in between.  The sheer thought of exploring another avenue for my creativity is enough to get me stoked!

Oh photography… why can’t I just dive in?!  I appreciate the artistic eye, the setup, the waiting for a perfect moment/shot – click.  Masterful.  The nerd in me loves the gadgets used by photographers.  You know what I’m talking about, the gianormous lenses & extra flash extensions – focus, focus – the billboard-esque straps & Indiana Jones inspired bags.  I enjoy the thrill of it, but my eye and the product captured by my camera just aren’t working out for me these days.

Here is my problem y’all… I’m lacking on the geeky side of the photography experience.  Not saying that I don’t love a quick iPhone shot supped up by Instagram, or the candid shots from vacations and family events captured by my new-ish digital.  All I am saying is that I want a contraption - one of those “is she seriously going to lug that humungo camera around all day?” types.  I picture my grandma, with her then stylish camera snapping 35mm film like a guru; using her aging hand to de-blur her view into a thing of perfection; the red camera strap weighting down on her neck in order to offset the weight of her warfare machine (aka Canon).  THAT is what I’m going for. 

Until my dreams of a “REAL” camera come to fruition, I’ll have to celebrate the beauty God has created with a little touch of my own (thank you Photoshop).

"Vagabond" 2011

What creative outlets do you enjoy pouring your talents and time into?

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