Friday, July 15

Attack of the Gluten Monster

After months of G-Free living, my doctor told me that I could begin adding gluten back into my diet.  He said that he felt I had an intolerance to gluten, but that my condition wouldn’t benefit from my diet any further and that I could eat gluten on a reduced level.  

Let’s take a moment to recap:  I’ve been ailing from something since September 2010.  Those of you who do the math know that after my honeymoon souvenir of salmonella courtesy of Jamaica, that it has been a long 10 months.  (happy newlywed life to us)

After finally kicking the salmonella to the curb (in just 3 ½ - 4 short months) I began experiencing arthritic conditions.  (Insert siren noise here) I first hit up my orthopedic surgeon for some assistance.  After leaving with nothing more than a wrist brace, which didn’t help much at all, I went to my primary care physician and proceeded to BEG him for some sort of relief.  His answer was drugs – pain killers to be exact.  With a quick “no spanks” I left with only a chip on my shoulder and a piss-poor attitude.  I needed help, like NOW.  I began to do research and came across a condition called Reactive Arthritis – BINGO.  Needing a proper diagnosis I called rheumatologist after rheumatologist only to get answers like “the doctor can see you in 2 months…” “3 months” “6 months”.  WHAT?!  No stinkin’ way y’all.  I finally came to my last rheumatologist on the list.  With a prayer under breath I dialed the number – “the doctor can see you on Monday”.  I’m there!

After numerous blood tests, uncounted amounts of cash spent on prescriptions, tests, co-pays and God knows what I had my official diagnosis… errr maybe.  It was either Reactive Arthritis or Psoriatic Arthritis.  I’ve got the genetic marker for both – only time and developing symptoms would make the positive diagnosis possible.  We began a regimen fit to kick the Reactive Arthritis into remission and started praying it would work.  Gluten-free living and pills, BIG pills, that I was to take twice a day.  Swallowing the pills would be hard enough for me, but giving up my gluten.  Ekkk.  I wasn’t a happy camper, but the pain was killing me – literally.

As you know (if you read my ramblings around here) I went G-Free with little troubles.  I tweak recipes of my faves and skipped out on some items that I could live without.  Life was getting better

Fast forward to my last visit -  long story short, he thinks it is Psoriatic Arthritis (hey, Phil Mickelson, we have something in common) and that the G-Free diet won’t really be a big help anymore.  So, per the doctor’s orders I’ve been returning to a gluten-filled life like the rest of America… kinda.

I’ve noticed that a lot of gluten doesn’t really bother me other than making me feel a little sluggish sometimes.  However, some items (Soy Sauce for example) throw me into a war zone against myself that I wouldn’t wish on the devil himself.  I know to stay clear of non-g-free Chinese now but sometimes, such as last night, my own cooking sends me flailing towards the bathroom mid-meal.  My insides don’t like what I’m giving and they sure know how to throw it back.  (Lovely mental image of my head hanging inside a toilet rim huh?)

Now that I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, what is a girl to do?  Switch back to my g-free living causing me to give up some of my faves OR risk the mid-meal attacks?

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