Saturday, March 14

I Want To Believe

Trust (truhst): Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, of a person or thing; a person on whom which one relies; responsibility; confidence; hope.

It all starts with trust…

Trust is an important part of life. Whether we are trusting our families and friends to do their part in a scenario or a doctor to perform the proper techniques to insure the safety of his patients, trust is what it all boils down to. Trust is the foundation of all relationships and without it, there is no true relationship.

“How do you find true love when everyone hides the truth?” - PK

After attending several weeks at a new church, I decided to listen back to a few sermons on podcast. One of those sermons was about trust in marriages. This sermon explained that trust is built on (a) a code of truth versus the covering of lies, (b) self-awareness without self-centeredness, and (c) confession not perfection. The message was amazingly powerful. Relationships call for an ultimate goal to build trust that is so deep that the people involved have no reason to doubt.

Plain and simple, trust is built on truth. Where trust is lacking, relationships are impossible. Building it back is simple… tell the truth. There is freedom in honesty. (John 21: 4, 15)

The pastor had the congregation ask the question “Can I be trusted?” My name is Stephanie, can I be trusted? I know I can be trusted… can you?

Trust can be defined in several ways using different words, thoughts, or feelings. Most importantly, trust is defined in two simple words… “to believe”.

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