Friday, March 13


People never cease to amaze me – especially today. The lack of respect runs rampant throughout society. Children and teens do not respect their elders, drivers do not respect each other on the roadways, and most importantly co-workers do not respect each other in the work place. One can always point fingers, but in this case turn the finger around towards yourself. Everyone can take a little of the blame on this one.

It seems that weekly I am amazed in the lack of respect within the workplace. Bosses show little to no respect for employees and in turn, employees show no respect for their bosses. It is a vicious and ongoing cycle that is continually fueled by today’s society.

Disrespectful actions take a toll on people – causing outbursts of seemingly unwarranted rage. These bursts are not unwarranted at all, they are days or months or years of built up feelings. These bursts are the person’s stand against the disrespectful actions.

Now, I am only 24 years old, new to the workplace (within the past 2 years), and a female. My situation is probably not seen everywhere, but (once again) I am amazed at the lack of respect I receive. I am a smart girl. I attended college at a major university and graduated with a B.A. in Communication and Information Sciences. The fact is, I know what I’m doing, but because of my age, my newness to the work environment, or my sex, I’m regarded as ignorant or unknowing.

These actions are seen elsewhere in my life, but I try to ignore them because I know what I’m doing and I know I’m doing a good job, but the lack of respect fuels a deep fire that continues to be stirred.

Hello! McFly!! Have you never heard the saying, “treat others as you wished to be treated”? Apparently not…

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