Friday, November 12

Longing for a Good Read

One of my recent goals is to develop my reading investments into more than a once a year, beach trip, mindless reader. My entire life I've always said "I'm not a reader... Don't enjoy it", but have come to the conclusion that my statement isn't entirely true. My issue with reading isn't the fact that I don't like to dive into a great book, it's the being pulled back out to face reality. If I could curl up on the couch or sink into my rocking chair on my back deck and spend days reading volumes of books, I believe I would be content as could be. Unfortunately, doing such an extraordinary task would cause a lot of strain on one's finances... So, since I'm no millionaire with boo-koos of time on my hands, I've begun to set aside moments in the day where I can designate time for reading - perfect example is my lunch break. Thirty minutes of uninterrupted (well... I try if the bossman leaves me be) reading time. Perfection.

I'm also going to TRY to venture outside my typical comfort zone and try some new genres... I did read an excellent book on leadership that blew my friggin' mind. AMAZE-ING!

I've noticed that, since I have a limited time, my reading abilities have sped up... I mean, I'm reading at a much quicker tempo these days.

I've just finished a book by Tasha Alexander called Tears of Pearl. Her writing technique is intriguing as she develops her characters and storyline through the excessive use of dialogue, while painting descriptions of their surroundings with narrative text. The book was ok - meaning it wasn't great and it wasn't bad. I always try to take a stance but I'm sitting on the fence whether I enjoy her writing abilities at the moment. Her story, presumably suspenseful, was lacking. Her attempt to throw romanticism in on the action seemed half-hearted. Simply, it was (to me of course) an underdeveloped romance novel with a few murders/case solving thrown in. Not really my kind of book. However, I may venture to read one more of her novels in order to decide if it is her writing style or choice of plot that turns me away.

Now that I'm on a new path for reading what authors or titles shall I grab next time I'm at the library?

Good Times & God Bless,

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  1. You're a Southern Belle so pick up anything by Karen White. She is what the book world calls a "Grit Lit" author (meaning Southern/Woman's writer).

    I'm currently reading The Christmas Chronicles by Jeff Guinn to get me in the holiday spirit.

    Good luck!