Wednesday, November 3

You Can Call Me Sal...

Sal-monella that is!

Seriously, this is one of the worst, most drawn out, most embarrassing illnesses I've ever had! My life for the past month = too many trips to the bathroom. So bad.

Originally my doctors thought I had brought back a lovely little parasite from Jamaica, but after a few (and let me say VERY embarrassing) tests, the results came back with Salmonella. Normally treated with a little TLC and maybe a round of antibiotics, Salmonella goes unnoticed or hardly causes a problem. Of course you know me... I have to get the Mamajama Salmonella.

After 1 round of antibiotics my symptoms came back a week later with a vengeance!! High fever and aches - blah! So, dr has put me up for round 2 of antibiotics in hopes this gets knocked out... Prayers people... Needed!

According to the doc, picking up a simple food born thing like Salmonella is one thing inside the good ol' USA, but another beast entirely when it comes from a third world country. I know this first hand - ONLY a beast can keep me down for so long!

Here is to better health - and a tummy that allows me to actually KEEP my food intake down. :)

Good Times & God Bless,

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