Wednesday, November 24

Willowed My House

A few weekends ago I held my second annual Willow House (formerly Southern Living at Home) party. First of all, I A-DORE their home decor. The unique touches, elegant patterns and high quality companied with reasonable prices allow me to decorate my home with nice items - not my old $2 junk from the clearance isle at JoAnn's!

I'm so excited about my new stuff that I wanted to share... So, without more rambling from me, here are the newest additions to my collection:

Medallion Mirror & Cordova Sconces: these SO completed the living room decor!

Cyprus Footed Bowl & Elegant Christmas Balls: I'm not done decorating here... Just wanted them out since they arrived yesterday :)

Filigree Iron Candelabra: Brandon's pick of the bunch. We will move it to the mantel after Christmas is over. My Santos Angel is also Willow House... Got her last year!

Lady Jane Vases: perfection! They are exactly what I wanted and much larger than I thought they would be, which is a good thing.

Framework Urn: I had to get this... My lovely friend Adrian has this and decorates so well with it that I decided I'd follow her lead. Now I just need some festive fillers!

Utensil Holder: completed the kitchen look... A LOT better than the old wooden one we had.

Candle Sticks: I found these in the outlet for $9 each (original price was $40 or so) - bought 2. They frame out my Christmas decorations fabulously!

So... Now that you've seen all my goodies, you have to understand why I was WAY TOO EXCITED when I came home to this:

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