Wednesday, August 10

Death of a Car Battery

Monday night was one for the books.  I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but after a long weekend celebrating with my step-bro in Tuscaloosa it sure was not needed. 

Every Monday I spend a few hours in my pink bubble learning new tricks and tips, sharing time with my MK girls and enjoying getting to know some of my customers a little better.  This Monday was no different, I arrived early to help set up, learned a lot, chatted and then strolled out to my car to head home.  I have a lot to look forward to when I get home – rest, my pups and most importantly, my husband who is ridiculously amazing… he makes dinner for me every Monday and this week was homemade chicken noodle soup.  Delish!

I hop in my car after a few “buh-byes” and turn the key.  In a flash everything sprung to life and then died away.  Thinking I had released the key too soon and that my 2000 starter needed a little more help, I turned the key again.  Nothing happened.  I just sat in darkness – in wet heat (did I mention it was raining?).

Being an independent woman, I scurried to the back of my Rav4 and pulled the jumper cables from their resting place.  Flagging down some assistance, I set off to resuscitate my car back to life.  I let it run for a moment and then sent the wonderful helper along her way.  I was ready to go home.  Making a quick call to report my status to home, I was on my way.

Pulling out onto the dark road, I felt like the car was sluggish.  It seemed like it just didn’t want to go.  Then. It. Happened.  Everything shut off, and I mean EVERYTHING.  No AC, no lights, no power steering and NO BRAKES!  I began struggling with the wheel and praying that I could get myself over into the ditch and out of the line of traffic.  Finally, when I was where I wanted to rest until Brandon could come assist I pulled the “E” brake.  Shaking and nauseated, I picked the phone back up to hear Brandon’s voice.  He was already heading my way, just needed to sit tight and he would be there to help. 

After reliving the resuscitation and the death of my car again, we made it home by the Grace of God.  (My car died again the minute I pulled into the parking lot, so when I say Grace of God, I mean GRACE OF GOD y’all!)

A $100 battery later, the reliable ol’ RAV4 is back in business.  I’m a little leery of other issues that may come, but for now it will do.  Besides, I have a goal to earn my free car… it just may need to be a little sooner than I thought. ;)

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