Friday, August 12

Fridays should be about yummy coffee & cute heels...

ridays should be about yummy coffee & cute heels.  That’s my mantra for today.  Shoot it should be my mantra everyday!  Who doesn’t love delish coffee and cute shoes, right?

After a super challenging week at work (challenging to me and my limited amount of patience, not tasks) today my brain seems to be wandering along, daydreaming of me strolling along a bustling street with “The Motown Song” by Rod Steward and the Temptations as my background music.  Street vendors selling fresh fruit and veggies, florists and of course a cute coffee café on the corner – I’ve got a skip to my step going along with the beat of Rod.  Sing it man…

Don’t you just love my mind today?!  I do.  It makes me smile.  Since I’m actually sitting in a not so fun, bland office, I will have to settle for my cinnamon coffee and cute heels while listening to some of my favorites on Spotify. 

So here is to YOUR super Friday.  Wishing you beautiful day dreams – if you’re strolling along a fall street listening to Rod, stop and say hey!
Much love,

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