Tuesday, August 30

Mark Your Calendars - August 28, 2011

August 28, 2011 will be a day that I will never forget.  Furthering my walk with Christ, I was baptized as an adult.  When reflecting on the experience itself only single words come to mind.  Inspiring.  Exciting.  Peaceful.  New.  Forgiven.  Unworthy.  Loved.  Happy.  Blessed.  Awestruck.  I could go on and on here because it was as if time slowed for me to take in every second of the experience.  I remember the face of the gentleman who helped me gather my belongings, the elder who helped me into the tub, the face of the man who asked me the two most important questions of my life, and my nervously answering with “yes I do”.  The sounds of the thousands of people who witnessed my public proclamation of my faith will ring through my ears for ages.  The warmth of the baptismal water rushing through my hair and the feeling of being renewed will continue to crawl across my skin.  I will relive those moments forever.

I need to express extreme gratitude to several people…
 - Thank you to my amazing parents, who baptized me as a baby and taught me that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  Thank you for your guidance, your love and your faith journeys for showing me the way. 
 - Thank you to my husband who has continued to help me along my journey.  Thank you for loving me and showing me how God can run a marriage.  I love you forever Sweet Tea!
 - Thank you to my amazing small group family.  Y’all are such a vital part of our lives and spiritual journey.  Each of you bless me every day with your friendship and love.
 - Thank you to my college roommate, Becca, for being there through those years were I was lost.  Your Christ-centered life inspires me all the time!
 - Thank you to my extended family (the Hunt crew) for being there to witness such an important day in my life.
 - Thank you to all the friends and family members who sent encouraging words via text and on Facebook.  Each one of your responses brightened my day.

And finally, most important of all, thank you dear Lord for stirring my soul to be baptized as an adult.  Your blessings are more than words could ever proclaim.

God bless,

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