Friday, September 2

Dear Self, Please Forgive Me

I’m trying is all I can keep telling myself after a night of stomach pains and expelling my evening meal exorcist style.  This gluten free living is hard work when you still lust after cheap Chinese food and mounds of spaghetti.  Last night, my fat kid cravings got the best of me and I gave into temptation, tossing aside all memories of past experiences and giving myself over to the demons of Chinese take out. 

When selecting my poison of choice I was giddy – bouncing on the tips of my toes as my fingers ran along the list of combination dinners.  Arriving at C19 the tiny pepper grabbed my line of sight and my mouth began to water as I read aloud “General Tso’sChicken”.  Selection made I dialed the number and relayed our order to the ill spoken voice on the other end of my conversation.  Upon hanging up I had a slight moment of sanity – my mind trying to call out to my stomach and advise against the pending doom.

Of course, you’ve all experienced the results from bad decisions made.  In my case, they were felt about 20 minutes after I had devoured my serving of chicken, rice and pot stickers.  The rumblings of gluten intolerance began to ring and my “I knew I shouldn’t have” come to the forefront of my mind. 

How am I supposed to tame these urges for foods that used to satisfy and comfort?  Today, I’m fine recovering.  My body feels as though a fierce battle was raged overnight leaving behind a single victim.  Achy joints and uneasy stomach leave me to believe I was sleepwalking to the local drinking establishment last night instead of balled up in bed. 

Here is my cry for help – other g-freers out there, how did you stop your cravings for the foods that cause so much damage? 

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