Thursday, September 8

Winner! Winner! Winner!!

 Whew... it's been busy around here with life, redesign and much more.  So much so that I almost forgot about selecting our winner for the FiberOne Package.

The winning comment was:
"TLK said...
Hello! Yogurt was my hate food anytime but you want to set a good example for the young kids around you. So, I add Fiber One Cereal to it and WOW!WOW!WOW! It is perfect to have a container of cereal in the frig with the yogurt on top as a grab any go to eat on the morning train/bus ride. Once I got a sample of the bar from a friend and keep in it my purse. A week later, I need it and was surprise how nice it held up. Growing up, we ate BIG breakfasts, and light meals/snacks over the day. Big dinners were for holidays and served at 3pm. When I got away from that I gained over 100 pounds. Going back to that style of eating I'm back to a comfortable weight without sugar problems. Breakfast does more than what anyone knows."
Please send your mailing info to so I can get your prize on the way!

Perhaps we'll do it again someday...

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