Friday, November 2

If I could live anywhere...

Today’s #NaBloPoMo prompt is “If you could live anywhere, where would it be?”

Two words: Tybee Island. (Can this post be done? No, I kid.) 

Ever since I was a kid, our yearly family vacations have been to Tybee Island, just off the Georgia coast and ever since I was a kid I wanted to go and stay… forever.  I swear my soul is rejuvenated every time I roll my windows down as we cross the bridge onto Tybee, surrounded by the marsh and the salty scent of God’s beautiful creation.  (Sitting here in Atlanta on this cool November morning is not helping at the moment…)  I love spending evenings on the patio at Stingray’s, shopping at the IGA and spending every moment in the beach-humid air. 

Oh Tybee… only 7 more months until you welcome me again. :)

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