Thursday, November 1

NaBloPoMo a.k.a Happy November Y'all

Happy November y’all!  It is such a great month – Thanksgiving, Christmas prep, “No Shave November”, “Movember”, college football gets even better, cooler temperatures grace our doors, the leaves fall and apples are a top priority on the grocery list.  November is also fabulous because it is National Blog Posting Month.  Let us celebrate by writing each weekday.  Sure, I should attempt an every-day-of-November blog posting routine, but let’s be honest… that isn’t going to happen around here.  I’m a working mom who works three different gigs.  Do you really think I’ll have time to post every single day?  (Ok, I’m making lame excuses again.)

Over at BlogHer they have amazing prompts for each day of the month.  To help get my creative writing juices flowing once again, I’m going to jump on board with them and write using their prompts.  Today’s prompt is “Tell us your favorite quotation and why.”

Awesome.  First prompt and my answer is, “don’t really have one”.  Terrible, I know.  I just do not find inspiration in infamous quotes, but do find motivation and strength in every word I read from my Bible.  Here is a little something for today "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever. (1 Chronicles 16:34).  I promise I will not preach around here, but it is where I find my “umph” y'all.

Here’s hoping that the rest of the month is a little more productive than today’s right?  LOL

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