Monday, November 5

Political Thoughts

What’s that you say?  You want my thoughts on tomorrow's election?  You had to ask?

First, GET OUT AND VOTE Y’ALL!  It is a right we often take for granted and it is a right that we ALL should exercise. 

That being said, I’m conservative and I’m nervous what another term with our current president will hold for our country.  I won’t rant for days… just a few minutes…

As an employee of a small business and a small(er) business owner, the tax policy that has come into question throughout the debates makes me want to crawl in a hole.  The thought of having MORE of my well-earned money taken by the government for distribution among those who are not working is not ok with me.  I hardly make enough as is, and I would prefer to keep my little fingers on every dollar I can. 

Of course, I’m anti-Obamacare.  Personally it made my health insurance go up so much this year that I had to fall off my company’s insurance plan just to be able to afford health care for my self and my son.  Thanks Mr. President.

Finally, if I hear one more time that the president has helped the middle class I think I will SCREAM!  My family and I are middle class and have not seen a BIT of help in the past four years.  Actually, my husband and I make less than we did four years ago while the price of everything we have to purchase to live (food, transportation, healthcare, etc.) has gone up.  We have seen no tax breaks and actually get less back in taxes than we did before being married.

As I mentioned earlier, please exercise your right to vote… but make sure you are voting for what YOU believe and not what is the “cool” thing.

Lots of Love,

P.S.  Vote Romney ;)

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