Friday, April 16

Bride Report: Sugar Kneads

Just off of Atlanta Highway in Loganville, GA sits a precious bakery called Sugar Kneads. Located in a strip/shopping mall, the bakery is a little overwhelmed, but the signature pink cake truck & signage stands vibrantly against the mundane brick. Our appointment was at 9:00 on a Saturday morning... What a GREAT was to start the day! Cake for breakfast? Yes please!! With Brandon working for the weekend, my buddy (& only UGA bridesmaid) Adrian joined me for the adventure.

Let me interject here with a little background info. On Super Bowl Sunday I attended a bridal show at the Gwinnett Arena. Surrounded by hundreds of other brides & countless vendors, my moms (mom, stepmom & mother in law) & I wove through the booths in search of fabulous. Our first cake booth was Rhodes Bakery - not so much. At the time, their economy friendly pricing was music to my ears but after tasting the cake - yuck! It was dense, dry & I was not impressed. The next delight we sampled came from Publix. Although their cake was MUCH better, their decorating charge made me shy away & we continued our search. Finally, after looking at God knows how many floral booths & registry helpers we stumbled on a crowded booth. The sign read "Sugar Kneads" & a cute lady with PINK (amazingness here) hair invited me in to grab some samples. With moms in tow, we each tried the sugary deliciousness - winner!

Ok, back to now: prior to our appointment I was able to select a handful of cake flavors, fillings & icings to sample. Upon entering the sugary scented bakery we were greeted by Brad, co-owner & baker. He sat us down at a table up front & scooted off to the back to grab our fixings. When he returned he carried three plates - 2 with cupcake sized pieces of the cakes I had selected to try & another with fillings & icing samples. Heaven happened right there in Loganville that morning.

After several tastes & matching flavors we decided on the following:
  + The Brides Cake =
     Flavors - a four layer cake; the top three layers are red velvet (best I've ever had); bottom layer is vanilla cake filled with Bavarian cream & chocolate ganauche (spelling?) which makes it taste like an ├ęclair.
     The Look - a fall inspired cake, simple & elegant; featuring fondant leaves, a chocolate colored ribbon & organic style icing.  See the photos for our inspiration.  (Please excuse the horrible photo... apparently my scanner is from the early 90's.)  We also are going to have an "H" as our topper, surrounded by additional fondant leaves.

   + The Grooms Cake =
     Flavors - a chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter cream icing and covered in butter cream
     The Look - specially designed by yours truly, it's a surprise for my hubby-to-be! Only the dedicated bridesmaid knows my little secret! :)

Above all else, we stayed in our budget - got the wedding cake for $2.74 / slice (which is pretty darn cheap around here), were able to have the exact cakes we wanted & walke out with a sugar high. It was a wonderful experience & I appreciate the talent & time spent with us!

To wrap up a super long post simply, go there - use them! :)

Good times & God bless,

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