Thursday, April 15

I'm No Fashionista

I've noticed in the past few weeks (& longer for some), several of the blogs I read have turned to the fashion of the writer. Although I thoroughly enjoy reading about their duds & seeing pictures of their precious combos, it makes me realize one thing - I'm no fashionista.

One of my faves is chai am woman. A highschool friend of mine (woah, it's been a while since CGHS), she is able to make the cutest combos of outfits EVER! I love, love, LOVE her simple looks that make me feel like I can follow in her footsteps! Oh, and her jewlery... Don't get me started. She makes (yes MAKES) some of the prettiest necklaces I've ever seen. Anywho - CHECK HER OUT!!

Another blogger that shares her fashion thoughts that I very much enjoy following is Design A-Peele. A more recent jump into fashion, her week in review made me want to go buy a new wardrobe! She also has some fantastic accessories from Stella & Dot. I purchased my bridal earrings from her - love them!! Precious stuff & thanks for sharing!

With inspiration like chai am woman & Design A-Peele, it's tough to be a non fashionista... I just look through my closet of not-so-cute tops & plain ol' pants & long for a shopping spree. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to start taking a little direction from the bloggers & get my self into fashion gear! Now the hard part... Where do I start?

Good times & God bless,


  1. you are too sweet, steph! glad someone else likes to keep it simple :)

    my best tip if you're feeling a blah style day: invest in little accessories... they're the cheapest (usually) and even if they don't make a huge statement YOU know they are fun and cute :)

  2. Thanks for the great idea! :)

  3. you are soo sweet girl! What I have learned is that I need to stop spending money on the plain simple clothes that I love, and buy 1 nice thing instead. And like your friend said, accessories ALWAYS play up your clothes. Inexpensive way to do it!