Wednesday, April 14

I'm back!

I know you missed me. Ha! 2010 has swiftly come in, caught me off guard & knocked me around a little bit. It's been a whirlwind of fun, but I've missed my blogging and felt it was time I made a comeback!

Since my last post I've moved forward with several wedding plans and have high expectations about blogging on some of my vendors - good things, I promise! In addition, we are ALMOST done with our registries which is SUPER exciting! The best part is, our registry has so much stuff that I will order what all is on there by the time our wedding and parties/showers roll around. I do love a great surprise!

Another venture that I will be blogging more on is one that I'm SUPER STOKED about! I'm now an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay! :) More information to follow on that one! Until then, check out my site:

No more long breaks in the blog. I'm back, I swear!

Good times & God Bless,

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