Monday, April 19

Engagement Photo Shoot

In accordance with the "typical" wedding plans, Brandon & I recently had our engagement pictures done. After the initial awkwardness of starring into each others eyes for what seemed like hours and holding kisses for days on end, the shoot started getting pretty fun! After all, our photo shoot was anything but "typical".

In order to stay with our "traditional but not so much" idea of wedding, we decided to have our engagement pictures at the place that was so unique no one had ever done it before (& may never follow for that matter). Our photos were shot at the Indian Village - Brandon's grandparent's land that sits just past downtown Stone Mountain.

The Indian Village was the perfect spot to capture the rustic, simple feel we wanted - along with some pretty cool shots of us in teepees & around the bones in the "burial ground". After shooting in the village, we hiked down the train tracks to some old coal cars where we took some hobo shots.

Our photographer, Dax from Platinum Bride Photography was AMAZING! His artistic skill & talented eye placed us in the best spot to make each picture perfect. His creative ideas had us peaking around bones, ducking out of teepees, chilling at the ok corral & helped us relax while enjoying the shoot. My kudos go out to him for putting up with our crazyness (& for dealing with my inability to keep from laughing the entire time). I cannot wait to see what amazing work he comes up with at our wedding! Thank you Dax!!

Take a look at the entire album here.

Good times & God bless,

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  1. beautiful pictures!!! i love the ones on the tracks