Sunday, February 27

Gluten Free Life - Day 1

Today was such an adventure!  After church we stopped by Super H Mart to shop for produce and meats.  Let me just say that place is A-MAZING!  The freshest produce, the best cuts of meats ALL for cheap.  It's exactly where we should've been shopping all along.  We loved it so much that we signed up for the Super H Savers Program!  I'm in love.

After stocking up on a truck load of food, we went to Kroger where I was able to find a great stock of gluten free snacks, pancake mixes, frozen foods, etc.  Fab!  Unfortunately, I'm a Publix girl and they don't really offer a great selection.  I did chat with the manager today and they are expanding their inventory throughout March.  Fingers crossed that Publix goes gluten free friendly soon! 

Our first gluten free dinner at home was yumm-o.  I made a beautiful beef brisket with sauteed cabbage and smashed red potatoes.  I know - DELISH!  I've even got my first gluten free baked good in the oven (recipe courtesy of Courtney at "A Girl Takes on the World").  The banana bread smells absolutely delish!

My goal for tomorrow is to make brownies using my new homemade flour.  :)  I'll post the results soon.

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