Friday, February 25

I'm Going G-Free

Wow. “I’m going g-free (gluten free that is)”. That’s hard to get out. Seriously! Just think about it – no more wheat, barley, rye, oats… or ANYTHING that has ANYTHING to do with those lovelies. Sheesh this is going to be hard, but I can do it. Right?

The past five months have been a roller coaster of health issues. Being plagued by knee surgery, followed by a diagnosis of salmonella, then months of just feeling “ill”, arriving at blood work showing HIGH levels of strep and inflammation and finally meeting with a rheumatologist that feels whatever is going on is arthritic in behavior is enough to emotionally kill a person. Let’s not even worry with the fact that a) I’m a newly wed as of September 2010, b) I have a full-time job, c) I also have my very own Mary Kay business, d) you really need more? Let’s just say that life has been real hard – physically, mentally and emotionally. There hasn’t been a diagnosis for my insane amounts of pain and stiffness yet, but I should receive some sort of conclusion on March 7th when I get my blood work back and discuss with my rheumatologist. Pray folks – for good news, my strength if it’s bad news and most importantly, my husband who has been A-MAZING through all of this.

You’re probably thinking, “yeah, so she has some kind of arthritis, why the g-free-ness?” Well, for starters, my rheumatologist mentioned that a g-free lifestyle helps with lowering inflammation levels in patients with arthritis. To me this means LESS PAIN without popping pills and I’m all about that.

Another reason, which may or may not have anything to do with the arthritic ailments I’ve got, is that I have struggled with an odd food allergy for years. Mainly being attacked when chowing down on one of my faves, Chinese food, my family and I had concluded that some form of ginger had to be the culprit. Yet, as I’ve done more research and have gotten information from people who themselves have to be g-free, I found out about the ridiculous amounts of gluten found in soy sauce. Ummm, hello!? I drown my stuff with teriyaki every change I get! And what is in teriyaki sauce class? “SOY SAUCE!” And what is in soy sauce class? “GLUTEN!” Exactly. Besides, I can eat my weight in pickled ginger with no problems at all. My run ins with the “Chinese food monster” leaves me sprinting for the nearest bathroom – my body needs this food OUT, like IMMEDIATELY. I suffer through severe cramps and aches, lethargy, etc. It’s nightmarish y’all. Let me tell you, there is nothing like having a nice home-cooked stir-fry dinner made by you and your husband that sends you straight to the edge of hell. Ugh.

As I like to research (my PR way I guess), I dropped by my local bookstore and picked up Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s book “The G-Free Diet: A Gluten Free Survival Guide”. Although I find her extremely annoying on The View, this book was exactly what I needed to get myself motivated. Her story of discovering her celiac disease really inspired me. Although, I don’t feel like mine is the full-blown, cannot touch – think about – see – breath gluten disease, I do think my intolerance is one that is on the moderate side. I’ve even noticed that grabbing a sub sandwich or eating a can of soup can send me into an afternoon of discomfort. Bummer! I’ve also ordered special guides for tackling the grocery store and restaurants that should be arriving within the next week!

My new cooking style is going to start this weekend. (It’s been crazy reading a book about g-free living while eating my peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread! BUT, when you’re on a Dave Ramsey budget and it’s NOT grocery time you eat what is in the pantry!) Since I’ve got some time Sunday afternoon, I’m going to hit up H Mart for produce, Fresh Market for g-free snacks and then Publix to finish out my pantry/fridge restock. I know that sounds over the top, but I want to be able to do this right. I mean, if I only have g-full snacks at home, then how in the world am I going to be able to stick to being g-free?! I feel like, since my case is not as severe as the disease, this is going to be even harder to tackle but, I can do it! After all, my motto is GO BIG OR GO HOME!

For my health (and sanity) I’m tackling the g-free life – jumping in with both feet. I’m nervous, but excited too. Hoping this new lifestyle will help me kick start a new and HEALTHY living!

Anyone else going g-free or know of someone who had to?

Thanks in advance for all of your support!

Philippians 4:13

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