Friday, March 4

Week 1: under my belt

As week 1 of my new g-free lifestyle (note I said lifestyle there because that is what all the books refer to it as... Not a diet a lifestyle. Whatever right?!) cones to an end I have a few reflections I would like to make:

1. Living G-Free really isn't as hard as you'd think. Seriously! If I had heard "you have to go gluten free meaning you can have loads of fresh foods, make amazing brownies using new flours, spend a few extra minutes making meals and ensuring that they are healthy for you" rather than "you have to go gluten free meaning you can't have wheat, barley, rye or oats" my state of severe anxiety would've been nothing. It's all in the way it is presented. I started researching about the things I couldn't have and became so overwhelmed I binged on the very thing I was supposed to stop eating! I will be honest, I had my moments! It's hard learning how to adapt to a totally new lifestyle after being comfortably set in my ways for nearly 27 years.

2. There is a TON of information out there for us GFree newbies. I've read three books thus far - all with their good points and bad points. Twitter is swarming with hashtags (#GFree #gf) and people who have been exactly where I'm at. There are blogs with advice and recipes; forums for chatting. Heck, there is even a "Facebook style" site for gluten free-ers. (That one is a little much for me.)

3. Non-GFree people are so accommodating! This week I have been pleasantly surprised with the overwhelming kindness others have had when asking questions, preparing my food and drink or just chatting. It's so nice to actually have people be nice for a change! :)

I've had others throughout the week, but these are the main three... Now that I've gotten a handle on GFree, it's time to start experimenting with new foods & jumpstart a diet in the mix...

Stay tuned y'all!

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